An innovative partner for the CDFI and MDI sector

CornerSquare Community Capital is a partner and resource for the CDFI and MDI sector that is designed to significantly increase investment in communities through small-businesses and entrepreneurs that have seen decades of underinvestment. We believe in ensuring access to capital for those who need it most, and partner with CDFIs and MDIs in our footprint who share that belief. 

Benefits of Partnership

CornerSquare Community Capital is a unique, long-term, sustainable solution focused on supporting CDFIs and MDIs working with small businesses at the local level.

When we purchase a portion of loans, it helps to de-risk transactions

Which in turn increases individual CDFI and MDI lending capacity

And that expands reach and supports more small businesses

This is a unique long-term solution, as partner CDFIs and MDIs typically see their capacity increase by at least 25 percent in a few years as a direct result of our partnership.

Featured Success Story

For Edmund Washington, being an entrepreneur is a dream come true. “I got a late start to it, but I always wanted to own my own business,” says Edmund, owner of two locations of the franchise, No Grease, a men’s luxury barbershop, in the Greater Charlotte area of North Carolina.

Read Edmund's Full Story.

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Our Funders

Truist Foundation

CornerSquare Community Capital is made possible by the generous support of the Truist Foundation and the Truist Charitable Fund, a donor-advised fund created by Truist and administered by The Winston-Salem Foundation.

Partner CDFIs

If you are a small business looking for a loan, we encourage you to learn more about our partners and reach out to them directly.

Ready to partner and make a greater change?