Meet Our Team

Betty Bynum

Loan Operations Manager

Betty is the loan operations manager for CornerSquare Community Capital. Betty attended…

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Cheryl Cherry

Managing Director

Cheryl is the managing director for CornerSquare Community Capital. Prior to joining the CornerSquare’s team…

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J Farrar

Loan Operations Manager

J serves as a loan operations manager for CornerSquare Community Capital. He has more than 10 years of operations experience…

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Jasper Jones

Relationship Manager

Jasper joined CornerSquare Community Capital in July 2021 and currently holds the position of Relationship Manager, Small Business Capital. In his role, he provides critical support to CornerSquare…

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Armeer Kenchen

Executive Director

Armeer Kenchen leads the CornerSquare Community Capital team as the executive director. Prior to joining CornerSquare…

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Julia Malinowski

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Julia Malinowski serves as the director of strategic initiatives for CornerSquare Community Capital. She previously worked as the…

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